12 February 2009

Vic Bushfire Crisis

The bushfires that have raged throughout Victoria and are still raging in some areas have caused utter devastation across our state. There are so many stories that just make your heart break and so many people who have lost so much!

To help give back even a little to these people there are numerous ways in which you can offer your support. Donations can be made to the Red Cross.

Another way of supporting the children of these bushfires is to buy a Rainbow Comfort Pack which will then be sent directly to the relief centres for distribution to these children. Just click the box on the top right of this page to read how you can help and to link you to the shop to buy a pack. No profits are being made on these packs they are purely at cost price.

All the help we can give in any small way will make a big difference to the lives of these people.

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