23 March 2009

Night off Night Out

Night Off Night Out is a fantastic ladies only event run by Panda (Post and Antenatal Depression Association). Qtees is an avid supporter of Panda and will be attending this great night out to help raise awareness and funds for this very worthy cause. I encourage all you Melbourne girls to get together and book yourself a Night Off Night Out for some serious fun!!

For full details see www.panda.org.au

About Night Off Night Out

In 2000 three women met at pre-natal exercise classes when they were all pregnant with their first child. After getting together on a monthly basis to catch up they realised that raising a young child and trying to keep up with friends on a regular basis was more difficult than they had originally anticipated. This led to the idea of a "night out" for friends and their mother's groups - given the overwhelming changes that a child can bring to a family and limited opportunities for "social" time.

They agreed that whilst they were lucky not have suffered depression from becoming a mother they all knew women who had. They decided to host an event to raise money for an organisation that assisted women and chose to try and assist the Post and Antenatal Depression Association ("PANDA") by organising a fundraising dinner for women.

The first Night Off-Night Out event took place in 2003 and it gave 180 ladies a "night off" from their everyday life as well as a "night out" with girlfriends. A fantastic night was had by all that attended and $4,580.00 was raised and donated to PANDA.

click here for details about Night Off Night Out 2009!!!!

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