01 April 2009

1st April

Today is the first day of April and its 30 degrees outside! I am so looking forward to winter but we seem to be having an endless summer here in Melbourne. Yesterday I went sourcing fabrics for the Summer 09/10 range, so luckily the weather is keeping me in the right frame of mind to be picking great fabrics for the range. I fell in love with a couple of particular fabrics and the colours are so so gorgeous its hard to choose. Keep checking back in the next few months to get a sneak peek of the samples when they're done.
Your going to love it!!!!


  1. I love fabric. Can't wait to see what you chose. I'm also in Melbourne - got a bit wet yesterday but now enjoying the sunshine again.
    Also letting you know that you are now on my Skout blog roll. Lou.

  2. 30 degrees! aarrghhh!! how exciting about your fabric, will check back to see what you find :)