21 August 2009

Birthdays and Fairies

Today is my daughters 3rd birthday, we've been counting down the sleep all week to get to today and boy has it been a long week. Wiith a lot of "if your not good the Birthday Fairies won't come for your birthday", it worked a few times but not many.

She awoke this morning and snuck into my bed as usual and as usual she laid there for about 5 mins before her little voice said "watch telly mummy", so I turned on the television and within a few mins she said "get up now". So I tried to stall her as I do every morning to at least 7.00am. After a few mins of quiet she said "theres a door in my room" and I said "what kind of door", she replied "a pink one", so I asked her "where did it come from?", to which she replied "mummy!!".

But after a bit of persuasion she finally believed it came from the birthday fairies who left behing a special note with fairy dust and fairy dust all around her door. The look of amazement was priceless.

These doors are just gorgeous and avaialble from Monkeytail & Wellington.

And the dollhouse I ordered her just literally arrived, phew thankgod for small miracles.

Happy Birthday my Gorgeous Girl. xx


  1. Adorable...thanx for sharing your mornings. Sounds remarkably like my own.

  2. oh my love that little fairy door!! I wish I had one when I was a little girl :o)

  3. Red Letter Studio - even big girls can have one specially nice in your office or studio!!